Neymarc Visuals



  • CLIENT: J&B Argentina (Diageo PLC)
  • CONCEPT: KesselsKramer (Amsterdam)
  • WRITERS: Andrew & Remy Neymarc
  • DIRECTORS: Andrew & Remy Neymarc
  • PRODUCTION / AGENCY: Neymarc Visuals, LLC (NYC) & Mofilm Ltd. (UK)
  • PRODUCER: Sarah Verstraete
  • DP: Steven Schuermans
  • CAMERA OP: Alice Millar
  • CASTING/PA: Peter Macaluso
  • LOCATION/PA: Andrew Saunders
  • SET DESIGN: Jorge Urbaez
  • EDITING: Neymarc Visuals, LLC
  • MUSIC: Barrie Gledden / Steve Dymond / Jason Pedder (Licensed and remixed by Remy Neymarc)
  • DISTRIBUTION: TV- Argentina, Costa Rica
  • VFX: Michael Tan

Starting Parties for J&B Scotch

For hundreds of years, (literally since 1749), J&B has been producing the finest whiskey and starting the finest parties of it’s eras. From the roaring 20’s and Prohibition, to the dolce vita days in Italy and Las Vegas with the Rat Pack, J&B has been synonymous with starting parties. J&B is not just a whiskey brand, it is a party brand that breaks the rules and upsets conventions.

In this 30 sec TV spot, we follow an original bottle of J&B Whiskey as it is shared and passed along an eclectic group of characters from various eras, all united around the distinguished drink during this unconventional party.


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