Neymarc Visuals



  • WRITERS : Andrew & Remy Neymarc
  • DIRECTORS : Andrew & Remy Neymarc
  • PRODUCTION / AGENCY : Neymarc Visuals, LLC & Atlantic Pictures, LLC
  • PRODUCER : Darren Goldberg
  • LOCATION/CREW: Darren Goldberg, Alden McLellan, Michael Tan, Steven Schuermans, Alice Millar, Corynn Egreczki, Ana Popescu, Madalina Ripanu
  • VFX: Remy Neymarc, Michael Tan, Corynn Egreczki
  • MUSIC: Muse- Feeling Good
  • HELICOPTER PILOT, ARIAL DP: William Richards, Kai Simonsen

SL Green - NYC Promo

New York City, inside and out.

This film is about bringing real estate giant S.L GREEN’s landmark properties to life by showing how they are an integral part of NYC, the greatest city in the world.

Neymarc Visuals was contracted to showcase the best of New York City’s largest landlord, S.L Green, in a way that’s never been done before. SL Green properties leases to the most prestigious businesses in the world.

From capturing breathtaking rooftop views on the highest NYC skyscrapers to helicopter shoots over Manhattan, Neymarc Visuals had a unique responsibility to raise the standard for real estate advertisement. The film was originally destined to open SL Green’s 2013 Annual Investor’s conference, but its high popularity promoted it onto Times Square’s digital screens on Broadway in early December.


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