Neymarc Visuals



  • DIRECTED BY: Andrew & Remy Neymarc
  • PRODUCED BY: Neymarc Visuals and Project Cuddle

Project Cuddle “Believe”

Every year 20,000 babies are abandoned by their birthmothers. Thankfully, this staggering number is brought down every day by the incredible organization Project Cuddle. Their mission is to offer free pre-natal care and solutions to birthmothers in difficult times. We’ve had the honor to work with John Stamos, Kristin Davis, and Denise Richards to produce a video that inspires birthmothers to contact Project Cuddle for help. The target audience being teenage girls, we felt responsible to make the best use of their favorite medium to encourage them to get the help they need.

You can see the full DVD here, as well as the condensed 3min version.


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