Neymarc Visuals



  • CLIENT: Linak, USA
  • WRITERS: Andrew & Remy Neymarc
  • DIRECTORS: Andrew & Remy Neymarc
  • PRODUCTION / AGENCY: Neymarc Visuals, LLC
  • PRODUCER: Sarah Verstraete
  • LOCATION SCOUT: Jorge Urbaez
  • VFX: Remy Neymarc, Michael Tan & Adam Koubeck
  • MUSIC: Remy Neymarc
  • VOICE OVER TALENT: Cecil Archbold Jr.
  • DISTRIBUTION: Online/web, Event/conferences
  • LOCATION: Jacqui Woodring, Bill O’brien

Linak “ Moving Is living”

Moving is living. The human body was not meant to be still, sitting, and immobile for hours and days at a time. The human body was designed to move and interact.

Movement is essential to our health and has always been a source of creativity, energy and productivity. Some of the greatest thinkers in history preferred to work standing up rather than sitting down including such bright minds as Da Vinci, Jefferson, Goethe, Churchill and Hemingway.

The world is quickly gaining awareness that our everyday workstations should be in motion and adapting to us. LINAK’s exceptional technology allows your workspace to move with you, and the choice of sitting or standing is now at the simple touch of a button.

LINAK, a pioneer in motorized sit-stand desks, asked us to create the very first commercial for this worldwide ergonomic revolution.


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