Neymarc Visuals



  • FILMED AND EDITED BY: Remy and Andrew Neymarc
  • MUSIC: The Diary of Jane, Breaking Benjamin

L&C Rowing for Lewis and Clark College Men’s Rowing Team.

Every morning they are up before the sun rises, their muscles aching from the previous day’s workout, and it’s too cold, too dark and too early for anything. But the L&C rowing team doesn’t care. They don’t know any excuses because the voice they listen to is one of Determination. Their commitment and dedication to rowing is an inspiration to all who work tirelessly towards perfecting their craft. We felt it was our duty to produce a short video telling their story.

Fun Fact: Don Hahn, Executive Producer at the Walt Disney Studios (Lion King, Beauty and the Beast), was researching rowing videos for a potential Disney script when he fell on our short production on the internet. He congratulated us for our strong sense of cinematic storytelling and subsequently met with us in LA shortly after. It was an immense honor to be encouraged in our filming endeavors by such a prominent producer in the film industry.


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