Neymarc Visuals

Neymarc Visuals

Neymarc Visuals is a creative visual production company led by two award-winning Directors based just outside NYC.

We are an innovative mix between an advertising agency and a production company. Our hybrid business model focuses on combining both the creative side and the production side of advertising & filmmaking.

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What We Do

We write, produce and direct high-end video productions with innovative ideas.

Our video production services range from researching creative concepts, script-writing, directing and filming all the way to editing, computer animations, and visual effects.

We are unique in our relentless committment to our clients and their projects. Regardless of time and resources, we will always put ourselves on the line for our clients and we will always give our absolute best.

Having reached the Super bowl, foreign TV broadcasts and Times Square's screens, we continue to operate with one simple philosophy: if you love what you do, nothing is impossible.

The Artists

Andrew & Remy Neymarc are two co-Directors that are passionate about storytelling. And they happen to be brothers.

Born in Chicago and raised in Paris, France they currently live outside NYC. Their multicultural education and substantial experiences abroad have strongly contributed to the way they express their vision.

They take pride in personally participating in every step of the production process from script-writing to producing, to filming, directing and editing.

They are the youngest Super bowl commercial creators in the history of advertising and their latest production for NYC client S.L Green was broadcasted on Times Square's digital screens on Broadway.

Neymarc Brothers

Directors: Andrew & Remy Neymarc

"Great style, sense of cinema and visual storytelling."
-Don Hahn, Executive Producer, Walt Disney Studios
"Excellent music and editing"
-Jason Halverson, Compositor Sequence Lead, Double Negative
"Not only can the brothers create amazing spots with breathtaking cinematography under aggressive timeframes, but more importantly, what has been created is somehow always genuine."
-Vivienne Fleischer,President Performance Based Ergonomics
"Contrarily to big production companies, the successful duo personally participates in every stage of the process, which is reflected in the originality of their high-quality, authentic productions."
-The American Red Cross
"Photography Prodigy"
-Elizabeth Etienne, International Award-Winning Photographer
"Fantastic. Wow."
-Mark Schoneveld, Director of Community, Poptent