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We craft engaging stories
to help your organization grow
and connect with your audiences in a lasting way.

Latest Work

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Love, Death, Fate. Our award-winning short film, "Happy Valentine's Day". The story is about how the downfall of a couple triggers the birth of a new love between two strangers. Told in slow-motion, in one unique camera shot and in reverse. Subscribe to our social media to get behind-the-scenes exclusives and sneak-peeks! #ValentinesDayFilm #LoveBackwards

  • One Vanderbilt - Revive

    This film is about One Vanderbilt, a Visionary Building bringing a breath of fresh air & productivity among Midtown East’s predominantly aging office buildings.

  • OWTC - "RISE"

    The first One World Trade Center commercial. It is all about inspiration... Some snippets of the commercial are being broadcasted on Port Authority's screens.


  • Commercials
  • Promotions
  • Happy Valentine's Day

  • One Vanderbilt - Revive


  • OWTC - "RISE"


  • SL Green - Lighting Up the City

  • Linak “ Moving Is living”

  • SL Green - NYC Promo

  • Toyota “The Escape”

  • Chevrolet “The Speech”

  • Standing Out for Cadillac

  • The Tease (Superbowl 2012) for Dannon Oikos Greek Yoghurt (feat. John Stamos)

  • Be A Super Hero for American Red Cross

  • The Butterfly for World Wildlife Fund

  • The Office Party for Vitamin Water (spec commercial)

  • L&C Rowing for Lewis and Clark College Men’s Rowing Team.

  • Inescapable Comfort for OfficeMaster

  • True Comfort for Office Master

  • Beach Office for Vitamin Water

  • Starting Parties for J&B Scotch

Visual Effects

Our imagination often takes us beyond the limits of what is possible in our world. This is why we have a team of magicians that can blend realism & beauty to create what they told you would be ‘impossible’- so that you can focus on great storytelling. Our services range from 3d modeling, animating, texturing, compositing, keying & rotoscoping. Our in house vfx team combined with our extended network of multi-talented artists allows us to seamlessly scale up or down to meet your projects ambitions. Our vfx work is regularly featured in tv adverts and international film festivals and has been recently broadcasted in Times Square in New York City.

Corporate Videos

Whether you need video interviews, a promotional film, a product video presentation, a training course, graphic design, a new logo or an entire marketing campaign, we will partner with you to make your ideas come to life. We’re proud to have designed visual identities and marketing campaigns for some of the world’s leading businesses: ONE World Trade Center and ONE Vanderbilt skyscraper.


Our knowledge of the visual arts and our experience filming high profile events make us an ideal partner to film your concert, conference, competition, wedding, party, rehearsal or live performance. We understand the work, energy and time that goes into organizing successful events, and we’re here to make the resulting moments memorable and timeless.


We are a French/American team based in New York City & NJ founded by an award-winning director duo: the Neymarc brothers.

We’re the youngest creators of a superbowl commercial, have produced and directed international award-winning tv projects, and regularly have our work broadcasted in Times Square in New York City.

As a visual storytelling agency, we unite both the creative side of advertising and the production side of filmmaking to deliver video experiences that are integrated in your marketing, long lasting, and help you connect with your audiences worldwide.

We’re also a fun bunch.